There is an ongoing discussion about the reasonable use of plastic packaging and its negative impact on our environment. However, it is not the plastic to blame for the pollution, rather our irresponsible actions that lead to it. That’s why we use plastic only where there is currently no more environmentally friendly alternative. Two obvious alternatives for the wet product are the glass or bioplastics. Regarding the first, we do not consider glass safe enough to be use in toys. S for the bioplastics, although they are bio-based, they create a serious issue for recycling. Bioplastics are currently included in the recycling class “7 – Others”, which is the worst class for recycling.


That’s why we decided to use only cups and stickers made of food safe pure polypropylene. It is 100% recyclable and can be properly disposed of by every child.


Upcycling before recycling! You can continue using our cups in a household as a container for small objects. Or try them as a flower pot – thanks to transparent walls you and your child can watch the roots grow through the soil.


Please teach your child responsible disposal of the plastic. Follow the local recommendations for plastic recycling in your country. Many Thanks! (In Germany throw it in the yellow bag or in the yellow bin)