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Finger paints and Easy clay from neogrün® are the new certified natural creative products for all ages. A careful selection of natural renewable raw materials makes neogrün® a safe and sustainable toy. Discover the world of natural colors. Discover neogrün®


  neogrün® – natural products that are pure fun.


100% neogrün


neogrün products are made from natural raw materials and free from any harmful compounds.



Our products are free from most of the common allergenes for unlimited fun.



neogrün products are certified vegan. This means that neither our products nor our packaging are derived from animal sources.



neogrün products are made with natural, renewable ingredients and are 100% biodegradable.


No animal testing

None of our products nor their ingredients have been or will be tested on animals.


Biofingerfarbe mit BIO-Zertifikat. Sicher, natürlich und ohne schädliche Inhaltsstoffe

Finger paints.

Color your life.

Let your kids discover the world of colors from fingers to toes with the safe natural finger paints from neogrün®.


Unique natural palette is based on the safe mineral and plant pigments. neogrün® finger paints are spill proof and have a smooth creamy consistency. Produced without azo dyes, parabens or petrochemicals. Free from palm oil and most of the common allergens.


Easy Clay.

Creativity in its natural shape.

Create your own world with neogrün®. Unlimited play and safe learning experience – all that parents wish for their kids.


Attractive natural colors are exclusively based on vegetable pigments. Easy clay is especially soft and easy to shape even with the small fingers. Produced with natural raw materials without azo dyes, parabens or petrochemicals. Free from palm oil and most of the common allergens.


Bioknete aus natürlichen Rohstoffen mit BIO-Zertifikat

Quality needs confirmation. Therefore, our products are independently monitored to meet the highest standards of natural products.


Nature Care Product vegan

Logo neogün - Knete für Kinder - natürlich und vegan
neogrün® – Safe for kids. With respect for the planet.

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